Considerations to Make when Doing International Car Shipping


You could be having a business schedule, and your job site keeps changing. Alternatively, you might be interested in getting a car from another market because of its great price offer. Either way, you join the many people whose concern is international car shipping. There are a few things that contribute to the overall experience of shipping your car. Some of them are your responsibility while others will be considerations that your chosen shipping company makes. Choosing the right shipping company for your needs is an essential step towards getting the desired car delivered to the destination safely.



All goods shipped via sea will require marine insurance. Your shipper should have a fair rate of insurance package for you in case you want the shipment company to handle this cost on your behalf. Insurance costs will depend on the levels of protection you need. The valuation of your car will also be a factor affecting the overall cost.

Custom duty

CUSTOM STAMPAt the point of export and point of import, different tax jurisdictions apply. When you are leaving a country, your car appears as an export. You might need to pay for clearance at the port. On the other hand, you must also do clearance at the point of entry. The carrier should assist you with the provision of essential requirements to help you make the most out of the process without wasting time. You may even get a personal contact person on the other side to guide you through everything.

Rules of the car shipping company

Irrespective of what you pick, your preferred car shipper will come with rules such as not supporting certain types of vehicle or requiring you to give notice at least one day in advance. The state of the body of the car might also be an issue for shipment. You need to contact your shipping company to clarify these considerations before proceeding to make your shipment order.

Organized shipping by shipping agencies

The best carriers also liaise with the forwarding agencies in other countries and in transit points to make sure that your cars arrive safely at the destination. The partnership along the shipping line is also useful for you as a client because you might only need to provide consent and pay the bill. Everything else will be in the hands of your shipping agency including import declaration and tax compliance.



Before getting your car on the ship, you might consider some of the alternatives. Although the shipping agency may offer a one size fits all package, you could still negotiate a specific package suiting your needs. For instance, you may pay retail rates whereas other entities are paying the commercial rates of shipping. You may also opt to delay shipment and pay a lower rate instead of prioritizing your car on the next trip and paying hefty commissions. In the end, a little modification of your request and early planning can help cut costs while still guaranteeing you the best international car shipping outcomes.…