Finding a used car


With the economy healing from the great recession, most people do not have enough disposable income to spend on new and fancy cars. As such, most car buyers are forced to buy inexpensive cars as they try to cut down their expenditure, If you too are in the market shopping for a new car, buying an inexpensive car should be a priority. This article takes you through some great options for buyers looking for cheap cars.

Where you can find used cars

New car dealerships


As much as you would expect most car dealerships to stock new cars, you will be surprised to find many new car dealerships selling used cars. Most used cars in new car dealerships tend to be top models is perfect condition. In most instances, these cars are from trade-ins, program cars or even old leases. As much as they might have been on the roads for some time, most new car dealers will be willing to give you decent warranties.

Used car dealership

Anyone walking into a used car dealership goes there to buy a used cars. In this type of dealerships, you will only have used cars. In most instances, vehicles in used car dealerships are relatively old models. Thus, you should expect to have a warranty or a return policy. Since you will be accepting the car in an “as is” condition, you need to be very conversant with matters cars or tag a savvy friend along during the selection process.


Another good place to find used cars is in an auction. Often, cars sold in auctions are those seized from individuals unable to meet some financial commitments. The only downside with car auctions is that you are not always assured of getting what you want. However, you stand a chance of getting a decent unit at a bargain in case you are lucky enough.


Independent car dealers

These are typically individual car dealers selling old cars. These dealers specialize in selling decent vehicles that are often expensive for many. Their clients are normally individuals with poor credit ratings. Thus, most of them are often willing to sell on credit with stringent terms of payments.

With the economy hitting hard, buying a used car certainly the way to go if you do not have a lot to spend. From the list of car dealers highlighted above, the one you choose depends on the value of money and of course your credit rating.…